” I enjoyed it and would definitely be game for future issues”


“I couldn’t really describe Argent Starr in any real detail. Its fluff, a bit overstuffed with too many characters and plotlines that I couldn’t quite follow the action or motivations of the cast. The book is pretty pleased with its own coolness, even including a glossary of over a dozen alien slang words for you to consult if you want to decode some of the comic’s dialogue.

And you know what? I kind of dug it.

…I’ll have to read this one again I think. Not because it’s particularly smart or in any way profound, but just because it’s such a neat mess of weirdness smashing together that I want to try and understand. The writing is actually kind of charming, comfortably artificial to fit our cast of weirdos. I’d kind of compare it to The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, where you aren’t convinced that any of it is really going to make sense, but your kind of hooked anyway. Not to oversell it, I just have a weakness for that kind of thing when it’s done properly.

…It’s a weird messy book. Some of you would probably hate me for recommending it, but I enjoyed it and would definitely be game for future issues. Is it going anywhere? In this kind of book, does it matter? I don’t know, but I’ll show up to find out.

—Jeff Butler