The Art Style

Both Lyn Byrd and I are life-long artists, and can draw and paint, neither of us however had done very much of that recently, being more involved in designing and developing Websites and print materials. I’d made my living primarily as an illustrator and hand letterer in the ’70s and early ’80s doing movie and broadway posters, editorial and advertising illustration. I had a number of looks, including a stylized realistic color technique.

Then one day in the mid ’80s my hands went dead on me, like a writers cramp that wouldn’t go away. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, ended my illustration career and switched to art direction and design, which fortunately I had been doing along with the illustration anyway.

At the time I had surgery on my left hand (I’m a righty) but was never happy with the results. Finally in 2007 I had enough, and surgery techniques had progressed to the point where I decided I could get my right hand done. It was a total success. I’ve spent the last few years ‘getting my hand back’ and learning how to work on my Wacom 21UX tablet. Argent Starr: Tales From The Archives is the result.

[Above Left] Altemus business card from the ’80s.
[Right] Painting by Lyn Byrd of Comateens band mate Nic North.