Argent Starr Trailer —Theme Music

Lucio AKA Reverend Screaming Fingers

I’d composed an electronic soundtrack for an earlier version of our trailer that didn’t have some of the newer scenes we wanted to show, and Lyn Byrd, having been in a successful band for 14 years, wanted the re-edit to feature a new soundtrack with live musicians. She was hoping to take the track up a notch and couldn’t decide what to do until she saw a performance by Lucio Menegon, a New York area musician performing under the name Reverend Screaming Fingers. Lyn was enchanted and felt he might be a good fit for our property.

We went to see him again and approached him with the project. We wanted a hooky underlying instrumental, with a sci-fi, spy-show sort of feel utilizing certain touchstones those genres are known for, including Theremin and bongos! He liked the project and once his summer tour was done he gathered his collaborators, Rob Price and Chris Cawthray, for a recording session (video left).

In addition to being a terrific musician, Lucio is also a superb audio engineer and produced a professional mix-down with finished files that would suit delivery via streaming.

He used a version of the new trailer to compose against, and as he tightened up the arrangements I tweaked the trailer’s editing so that it synced up as well as possible. After only a couple of passes it was done.

We couldn’t be happier with the results, which some listeners described as The Munsters meets Peter Gunn.