“There’s definitely a lot going on…something intriguing…”


“So let me get this straight, 57’s the new 51 and a guy named BoB’s got your stones.”

Whenever aliens finally decide to make their way down to Earth, there’s going to be all manner of insanity and general zaniness going on. Having someone on the planet to help handle that zaniness is always a good thing and Argent Starr is that man…

There’s a lot going on the first two issues of Argent Starr; so much so that the first issue feels very overwhelming. The second issue really evens things out a bit and provides some context…

Altemus’ art is pretty solid overall. Every panel handles the action it’s tasked with well, providing a good look at that moment in the story…Altemus does get creative with some of the non-human characters, helping to present a rather diverse universe converging on point that brings them all together. The illustrations and coloring work for the book and effectively get the reader engaged in what’s happening…

—Jonathan Pilley