Chapter 1, Commencing Countdown,
released on Comixology & IndyPlanet

argent_starr_ch_01-C1_smThe final editing, inking, coloring and layout of first chapter Commencing Countdown of Argent Starr — Tales From The Archives is finished and is due to be released on Comixoligy and Indy planet. In the age of digital artwork and print on demand, is anything really ever “done”? Well we think this 36 pages of story is cooked and ready to serve.


Chapter 1 introduces various key characters and draws us into the heart of a mystery with Argent Starr and his bodyguard Mrs. Thorne. Be sure to check out the back pages to learn more about the radioactive exclusion zone, location of Argent Starr’s upstate NY residence the Glow Zone Motel.