“…fun to read…wonderful style and…use of colors…”


“The recap was needed to explain what was going on before. It is well written and does catch you up nicely. Argent Starr and his sexy cute bodyguard have a nice little play about with words. Its fun to read. Argent Starr and his bodyguard have some cool futuristic skateboards. The hi-tech is something to see as it is illustrated in a wonderful style and the use of colors just accentuates the hi-tech. The robots add a nice touch to the scenery.

as_ch_02_C1_web_lg-150x228“The Cardinal Stone is what Argent Starr wants and the alien Code do as well. It is a massively destructive object though and a Mossad-trained, highly decorated, US counter-intelligence super-spy has it. He is very nicely illustrated as he drives along.

This story is about aliens on Earth. It is also about the danger this Cardinal Stone can put the Earth in.

In the Sci Files about the hi-tech gadgets we finally learn the bodyguard’s name, Mrs. Thorne. Her suit is a arsenal.”

—Richard Vasseur