“…Well aliens do need to have fun too.”


“In Cyg City we are treated to a wonderfully futuristically drawn outer space scene. The view from the penthouse spectacular. The variety of aliens shown does indicate a good imagination. There are many different species.

Mrs. Thorne though does look cute with her knives and the flying car is stylish. The backgrounds are all wonderfully done and set the mood for the comic. The star of the comic really did need to be in it more. He comes across as a good character only we need to see him to know that more. The people are illustrated so they fit in with the dark setting in this futuristic adventure.

This story is about aliens on Earth. It is also about the danger this Cardinal Stone can put the Earth in.

In the Sci Files about the hi-tech gadgets we finally learn the bodyguard’s name, Mrs. Thorne. Her suit is a arsenal.”

—Richard Vasseur