Release of Chapter 6 on Comixology & IndyPlanet

Official Press Release,
September 04, 2018 New York, NY


By Altemus & Lyn T. Byrd

Argent Starr — Quest For The Cardinal Stone. Ch. 6:  is 32 full-color pages, where things don’t go as expected at the Deca-Game, and the action ramps up for the half-alien technopath Argent Starr, his Latina bodyguard ex-sniper Mrs. Thorne and his ill-tempered talking cat Specter. Its sure to be an interesting ride for fans of the ‘different’! And it doesn’t end there — a lot more science, fun and adventure is brewing with future issues and spin-offs already in production.

The new versions of books 1-4 are available on along with chapters 5-7 for only 99¢ ea, and on as beautifully printed books for only $3.99 ea. or digitally for 99¢.

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