Get behind-the-scenes info on the making of Argent Starr: Tales From The Archives.

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Panel Artwork Development

by a1temus May 29, 2017

Many of our larger panels or full pages are developed like animation cells, where the character or characters (Cast), are created separately from the backgrounds (Sets). This allows maximum flexibility for composing panels to accommodate word balloons, and in some instances, allows for background sets to be reused in later panels. It’s also facilitates bringing […]

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The Art Process

by altemus December 14, 2016

[Left] Inked spread from chapter 2. Technically our artwork for Argent Starr: Tales From The Archives would be constructed more like animation cells than a regular flat comic page. On the larger panels, backgrounds, foregrounds, individual or groups of characters, are all on separate layer sets in Photoshop. This allows for easy modifications to the […]

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The Art Style

by altemus December 12, 2016

Both Lyn Byrd and I are life-long artists, and can draw and paint, neither of us however had done very much of that recently, being more involved in designing and developing Websites and print materials. I’d made my living primarily as an illustrator and hand letterer in the ’70s and early ’80s doing movie and […]

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Animating the Argent Starr Trailer

by a1temus October 23, 2016

To promote our graphic novel, I wanted to create something resembling a movie trailer, which meant panning and scanning or minimally animating our artwork, in the “motion comic” vein. We decided to do a bit of both. To produce our graphic novel’s artwork we work with 600 dpi Photoshop files. Once color is added these […]

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Krel Komix at NYCC

by a1temus October 17, 2016

Altemus & helper Blaze at the KK booth. We had a really good first outing in the Small Press area of NYCC, which in large part was due to our fabulous and endlessly enthusiastic crew. We couldn’t have done this without the help of our friends Leann Murphy, Susan Bridge, Blaze Gonzalez, and Robert Schaad […]

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Costs & Info for Exhibiting at NYCC

by altemus October 17, 2016

This was our first Con, and since I had to scour the internet prior to the event to find any sort of “nuts and bolts” info for small exhibitors, I thought I’d share our experience with everyone in perhaps too much detail. Keep in mind that this info is specific to the Javits Center and […]

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Argent Starr Trailer —Theme Music

by altemus October 16, 2016

Lucio AKA Reverend Screaming Fingers I’d composed an electronic soundtrack for an earlier version of our trailer that didn’t have some of the newer scenes we wanted to show, and Lyn Byrd, having been in a successful band for 14 years, wanted the re-edit to feature a new soundtrack with live musicians. She was hoping […]

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The Series Concept

by altemus August 23, 2016

Lyn Byrd and myself started developing Argent Starr — Tales From The Archives a few years ago, working on it for a few weeks here and there, in between client projects at our design business Krel Studios. We’re both avid Si-fi fans and active comics readers. Lyn had several fat folders filled with draft chapters […]